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Most internet browsers are compatible with the Crime-IQ website.   Click here to see the table of compatible browsers.

Crime-IQ has prepared an easy to use guide to add the Crime-IQ program to phones, PCs and tablets. Click here to view the Set-Up Guide.

1. Make sure you are entering your username/password correctly.  Both are case-sensitive.

2. Check to see that your account has not expired. Crime-IQ requires an annual subscription. If you have had access for a year, your account may have expired. Contact admin@crime-iq.com to find out the status of your account.

3. Make sure you are not logged on to more than two (2) devices. If you are being asked for your login information on a device you regularly use and do not usually have to log in to, re-enter your username and password. If you no longer have your username or password contact Crime-IQ.

Email admin@crime-iq.com for the address to send check or contact David 1-510-992-3283

After purchasing the program, you will receive an email to the email address you provided during purchase.  In that email will be a link to the web address of  the full version of the program.  You will not receive anything in the U.S. mail.   It is all done online.  The email will contain your username and password.  Please save that information for later in case you lose it.

The Crime-IQ PC/laptop programs are web-based meaning they reside on the internet not on your PC.  However, you can easily create a shortcut to the program from your desktop.

Crime-IQ is updated every year to reflect any newly enacted laws and is also updated throughout the year to reflect urgency legislation enacted during the year.

At the Main Screen, go to Statutory Deadlines and click the code you are interested in.

Crime-IQ can be quickly searched four ways.  One is to go to the offense list for the code you wish to search (i.e. Penal Code, H&S Code or Vehicle Code) and scroll through the list of offenses.   Or, at the top of the list click on the “Jump To” link to jump through the list.   The third way is to click on “Find Text” and type in the text you want to search. Finally, you can use the search function on your PC/laptop (usually CTRL+F) to find a specific statute or text.

On the offense page, just click on the link for the statute you are interested in and  you will jump to the statute’s text.

The Penal Code section includes the most commonly charged misdemeanor and felony offenses. It does not include all offenses. For example, Section 381a. “Unlawful use of inaccurate apparatus or machine for testing dairy products” is not included. The Health and Safety Code section includes the “Offenses & Penalties” set forth in Chapter 6 of the Health & Safety Code relating to controlled substances. The program also includes the most common misdemeanor Vehicle Code offenses along with commonly charged Business & Professions Code sections and commonly charged Health & Safety Code sections outside of Chapter 6. If you are practicing in a county which routinely charges an offense outside the scope of any of the above sections, please let us know and we will consider adding the offense to the program.

Crime-IQ is a web-based application and requires devices that can access the internet through a data plan or wifi.  It requires your device to have a compatible browser (IE, Mozilla/Firefox, Safari, Chrome) which pretty much includes all the common browsers.  Find out more about compatible devices/browsers.

As a phone, the iPhone will view a 7 digit  statute like 12022.53 as a phone number and highlight it similarly to a link.  Just ignore this “link” if it appears within a statute’s text.

When scrolling through the Penal Code or Health & Safety Code Offense Lists, you will notice that more than one offense may be highlighted.  This indicates that the offenses are on the same page and clicking on any of the offenses will take you to the relevant page.    Offenses listed on the same page often are similar and may offer negotiation options different than the charged offense.

Crime-IQ is not compatible with Internet Explorer 11 and lower.  In some instances Crime-IQ will operate on Internet Explorer Version 8 and above, if the program is run in “Compatibility View.”   Crime-IQ is not compatible with earlier IE versions.

To run in IE8, go to the Crime-IQ program website using IE8. Once there you must go to “Tools”  on the menu bar and then choose “Compatibility View.”  The program will then navigate correctly.   You will only have to do this once.  IE8 will remember to view the site correctly.   As an alternative, there are other newer browsers compatible with the Crime-IQ  such as Microsoft Edge (HTML and Chromium), Mozilla/Firefox, Chrome and Safari.   Microsoft is no longer supporting IE-11 and it is strongly advised that users update to a more modern browser.

Scenario One: When you log in to Crime-IQ it stores your login info as a cookie on your PC/mobile device. If you have your device browser set to not save cookies, the password has to be re-entered each time. Check your browser to make sure that you have chosen to save cookies so that the password can be saved. Alternatively,  some security software prevents cookies from being saved.   When asked if you wish to save your password for Crime-IQ, choose yes.

Scenario Two: If Crime-IQ is being accessed on more than two devices, you will be continually asked to put in your password.  To avoid having to do this, remove Crime-IQ from any third device and/or ensure that your password has not been shared with anyone.  If someone else is using your password to access Crime-IQ, you will be asked to repeatedly input your password when you want to use Crime-IQ on your own devices.

Make sure you are entering your information correctly. Both the username and password are case-sensitive.

Delete your most recent cookie history from each of the devices you use Crime-IQ on. This will allow your username/password to be entered fresh.
To delete cookies on:
Internet Explorer: From browser menu go to Tools > Internet Options > Browsing History: Delete > Check Cookies > Delete
iPhone/iPad: Go to Settings > Safari > Clear Cookies
Droid: (There are many models, this is a basic instruction). Open web browser > menu button > select more > settings > then clear cookies.
Mozilla: Go to Tools > Clear Recent History > Make sure cookies are checked and hit clear.
For greater detail, do a web-search on how to clear cookies from your particular device.
Note: Remote connectivety programs which reside on your devices (i.e.Windows Live Mesh) interfere with the Crime-IQ login and are incompatible. Remote connectivety programs which do not reside on devices (i.e. LogMeIn) should not interfere with the Crime-IQ login process.

There are many smartphones running the Android OS. Here are the general instructions for setting up a Home Screen icon on an Android device.

See Creating Shortcut Instructions that are included with your Crime-IQ username/password email. Putting a Crime-IQ shortcut on your desktop is the easiest way to access the program quickly.

1. Open Safari
2. Navigate to the website you want to add to your home screen
3. Press the ‘+’ icon (iPad) or the arrow button to the left of the address line (iPad2)
4. Select ‘Add to Home Screen’
When the shortcut has been added to your iPad’s home screen, you can move it around as you can with any other app shortcut.

Just press and hold the website icon and drag it to where you want it to appear. Tap the home key to set it in position.

Putting a Crime-IQ shortcut on your desktop is the easiest way to access the program quickly. Once you are at the Main Screen of the Crime-IQ program, just right click your mouse and choose “Create Shortcut.” A Crime-IQ icon to the program will appear on your desktop.