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Crime-IQ includes a sentencing calculator for Determinate, 3-Strikes and Indeterminate sentences. Each worksheet provides all the necessary rules, tips and guidelines for users to rely on to make the right sentencing choices.

Gang Calculation | Indeterminate + Strike | Determinate + Indeterminate

Crime-IQ includes many cross-references to Violent Felonies so that users will not overlook a Violent Felony offense.

Crime-IQ includes many cross-references to Serious Felonies so that users will not overlook a Serious Felony offense.

Between January 2010 and October 2011, the calculation for PC 4019 Credits changed three times. Crime-IQ’s Custody Credits Tab provides the dates covering the different custody credit periods of PC 4019

On July 1, 2013, courts assumed the responsibility for the adjudication of parole violations. Crime-IQ provides the procedures covering strike, Sex Offender registrant and mental health parolees, and more.

Crime-IQ works with the Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC) to provide an overview of Immigration topics for the criminal law practitioner. “The crossover between immigration and criminal law is one of the most complex and technical areas of law today. The ILRC is recognized as a national leader in this field, in analysis, teaching, and policy work.”

The Crime-IQ Main Screen includes quick access to priorable offenses so that users can easily check whether an offense may be the basis for a greater penalty in the future.

Crime-IQ includes many cross-references to registrable offenses so that users will not overlook a registration obligation.

Criminal practice is filled with statutory deadlines. Crime-IQ includes the most common deadlines, divided into topics such as Rules of Court, Trial Deadlines, Preliminary Examination Deadlines, Suppression Motions and more. The statutes are easily searched on a PC or laptop by pressing the “Ctrl” and “F” buttons together and typing in the text, or using the “Find Text” button at the top of the screen.

The Sentencing tab on the Crime-IQ Main Screen addresses common sentencing issues that arise in practice: Realignment 1170(h) Sentencing; Mixed Terms (SP/LP) Post Realignment; and more.

Crime-IQ provides a schematic overview of the juvenile justice system and links to related statutes used throughout the juvenile court process.

Each CIQ offense screen includes federal & state public benefits that may be impacted by a conviction.  This information is included, not just because it is informative, but also because under ABA Resolution 107C these are collateral consequences necessary to a comprehensive model of criminal representation. 

The ABA urges judicial, prosecution and defense agencies to facilitate a comprehensive approach to representation and prosecution to effectively address defendant’s inter-related criminal, civil and non-legal problems

Our Product

California criminal law is complicated. Courts have described the Penal code as “a legislative monstrosity which is bewildering in its complexity.” (People v. Begnald (1991) 205 Cal.App.3d 1548, 1551.) The idea behind Crime-IQ was to make the complex into the simple by having all the related statutes and consequences of an offense appear on a single screen and then make that information mobile.

In 2007, Crime-IQ was introduced and marketed by CEB who meticulously checked every offense screen for accuracy.   Crime-IQ has been heralded for how easy it is to use, as well as its precision, depth of information and commitment to reflecting the most up-to-date legislative and initiative changes.

The Crime-IQ program has been tested daily in courtrooms since 2007.  Individuals and public agencies throughout California, who are committed to agile competency, use Crime-IQ.

With Crime-IQ, a user need only click on the link of a specific offense to be taken to a huge cache of information regarding that offense.   “You then get an amazing screen with tons of information, all on that one screen.” (CACJ FORUM, Tech Column, Vol. 33, No. 1.)

Additionally, the program now provides a calculation function which helps users not only calculate, but understand the legal basis of a calculation result.

The Crime-IQ program was developed by a criminal law practitioner with 20+ years of experience and a tech background.  As a result, the program understands the information that users need and provides that information when and where users need it most.

What people are saying about Crime-IQ

Crime-IQ is an essential tool for every criminal practitioner. It provides me with immediate and accurate answers, containing up-to-date law. The service includes the new firearm code sections, while referencing its former sections. This program provides a great deal of other valuable information on my PC and iPhone that we often need to have at any given moment. I highly recommend subscribing, as my work is made much easier by having access to Crime-IQ.

Crime IQ has proven to be my go to program both in my office and in court when it comes to getting the answers I need to best serve my criminal defense clients in a timely manner.  Any criminal defense practitioner, whether just out of law school or one who has practiced for 40 years, would be hard pressed to come up with a valid reason why they DON’T have it….particularly for the price!