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Company Overview:   Since 2005, Crime-IQ has been helping California criminal practitioners not fall
victim to the  'legislative monstrosity," known as the Penal Code,  whose 'mind-numbingly
complicated' statutes are 'capable of ensnaring even its most erudite afficionados.'     (
People v.
Neely ('09) 176 Cal.App.4th 787.)
 View Enhanced Immigration A dditions [Padilla ].

Crime-IQ gives you instant access to the
collateral consequences of an offense all on a single
screen view, in seconds!  Each  offense screen includes sentencing ranges, probation eligibility
statutes, potential enhancements, registration requirements, DMV consequences, immigration
impact, specialized statutes of limitation and any other relevant cross-references.   The program
gives you complete and concise research on Penal Code, H&S Code and Vehicle Code offenses.  

Crime-IQ confers instant expertise.  The program is extremely user friendly.   If you know how to
access the internet, you know how to use Crime-IQ.  Perfect for preparing for the courtroom, or while in
the courtrom..just read the
testimonials.  There are several ways Crime-IQ helps to quickly locate
pertinent information.    (View
Actual Scenarios)

Crime-IQ Mobile is for the iPhone, iPad,  iPod, HTC G1, myTouch, or any device using the Google
Android browser and the Blackberry Torch.  

Crime-IQ PC is for any MAC or  Windows desktop computer using these browsers:  Internet Explorer
(IE)8 in Compatibility Mode,  Safari on the MAC or the free Apple Safari For Windows browser or the
Mozilla Firefox browser or the free Google Chrome.   

pre-Realignment samples:  PC 215 Screen,  H&S 11351 Screen  or a complete program

The Crime-IQ program is $99 for use on two (2) devices - mobile and/or PC - for a full year.